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Qui sommes nous

As a national leader in our industry, Konstruktion is revolutionizing what you expect from a contractor.

Notre Mission

To integrate the entire building lifecycle into a seamless platform to redefine how the world builds.

Nos Valeurs

Passion. Integrity. Hard work. Professionalism. Caring.

SabiantArt vous accompagne

Vous envisagez de faire construire ou de rénover votre maison ? Que vous ayez besoin de vous projeter, d’avoir des avis ou d’être accompagné par des professionnels de la menuiserie, SabiantArt a toutes les solutions pour réaliser vos envies.

we also provide the tangible results and measurable long-turm value.

we also provide the tangible results and measurable long-turm value.

we also provide the tangible results and measurable long-turm value.


Nous offrons à nos clients plus de clarté dans leurs projets, plus de perspicacité et moins de chaos.


Notre expertise tout au long de votre projet

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Providing exceptional construction services and insight from the start.

Prêt à Construire Travailler Coopérer avec nous

Travailler avec SabiantArt Corporate, c’est bénéficier d’un accompagnement sur-mesure et disposer de la force d’un réseau national.

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Employee Owned
Project in various industries
With nearly 20 years in business

We watch out for each other.

We want every employee and trade partner to feel that they are part of a common good and cohesive team. We help our teams form stronger relationships with trade partners by emphasizing people and teamwork over processes and checklists.

We redefine
what’s possible

Meet our leadership

John Smith

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

“We favorably impact people, families and communities with our work, our projects and our charitable efforts. It’s an exciting place to be every day and our opportunities to contribute will grow as we continue to grow around the United States.”

Manuel Mitchell

Chief Financial Officer

“Wade believes the company’s shareholder program is a “gamechanger” in the construction industry. Konstruktion is 100% employee-owned, which means employees have the opportunity to invest in their own hard work.”

Jack Morton

Chief Financial Officer

“As owners, we are more accountable to you and more invested in your success. Across all levels of our organization, our experienced, innovative solution providers put our culture of ownership to work for you. When you succeed, we succeed.”



Our people are dedicated to finding solutions to every challenge. That spirit makes for some great stories.

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